Brand Representative 

We ask that our brand representatives post a video or photo in or with our gear once a month in exchange for an exclusive sticker pack and your own personalized discount code. You can use your discount code yourself or share it with others.  Whenever someone uses your discount code you get points. More points equals free gear! 

Brand representatives who have been very active are the first people we look at when deciding who our next brand ambassadors will be! 

To be chosen as a brand representative you must be active on Instagram, have a public profile and over the age of 18. 

If we love your photos we are very likely to repost them on our page (with your permission).


Fill out the application at bottom of page!


Brand Ambassador


 To be a brand ambassador we require you to have an established social media following and take quality photos that highlight our gear.  We ask that you are open to having your photos reposted on our Instagram and Facebook page.  We ask that our brand ambassadors post a video or photo once a week in exchange for discounts, your own discount code and free gear!  Like with the brand representative, every time someone uses your code you will receive points and more points equals even more free gear! 

To be a brand ambassador you must be active on Instagram, have a public profile and be over the age of 18.

We ask that our brand ambassadors commit to a 6 month term.

We will let you know via our social media channels when we are accepting applications for new ambassadors! 

Discount Code Point System

With your acceptance into one of our brand programs we will email you a personalized discount code.  You can use this code yourself and give it to other people.  We suggest putting it in your Instagram Bio so your friends can easily find it.  Every time some one uses your code you get ten points.  Every 200 points gets you 25$ off in our shop to use on what every you would like! 

*Code will have to be changed if we find it on a coupon site.