Wilderness Aura is a company built on the love of nature, the outdoors and losing oneself in the wilderness.

Wilderness Aura was founded by a new mother that had absolutely no desire to return to her stressful,  chaotic career.  She found herself saying to a friend, "If I could find a job that included my love for nature, the environment, creativity, family and adventure I would be so happy" and that is where the idea for Wilderness Aura was born. 

Our mission is to inspire ALL people to get into the outdoors.  Being in nature can be so healing to the human body and mind.  Most people go about their day not being mindful of the impact that we have on our world and the people around us.  Our goal is a happy, healthy world with happy, healthy people and animals.  We think that getting more people in touch with the natural world will bring about more mindfulness and in return help our planet.  We KNOW that the outdoors creates joyful and full of life humans!

Wilderness Aura includes sizes for all of your family members and we encourage the tiniest of babies to the oldest and wisest of adults to get outdoors!  Wilderness Aura is for the hikers, trekkers, campers, park goers, back porch swingers and all outdoor enthusiasts.

At Wilderness Aura we realize the impact that manufacturing products has on the environment and that is why, to reduce waste, each garment is made to order.  But don't worry we still will get you your order super fast!  Also, to offset the impact of production we are constantly working with programs that put 100% of their efforts into protecting the wild (planting trees, protecting the national parks etc).  A portion of each product purchased will go towards these efforts.  To see who we are currently working with please visit our partnership page.